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406MedicalSpa offers Biote Treatments, a leading-edge approach in precision and preventive medicine that empowers patients to take charge of their health through hormone optimization. Biote is at the forefront of addressing the earliest indicators of aging by optimizing hormone levels, which can decline naturally with age, causing various symptoms. Their method involves bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), which uses pellets to release hormones steadily, mirroring the body's natural processes and aiding in symptom relief.

For women experiencing fatigue, sleep disturbances, mood swings, weight gain, and other hormonal imbalance symptoms, Biote aims to restore hormonal equilibrium, enhancing overall well-being. Similarly, men dealing with body fat increases, decreased sex drive, muscle mass reduction, mood changes, and other related symptoms can find relief and potential rejuvenation through this tailored therapy.

At 406MedicalSpa, each patient's treatment plan is personalized, leveraging Biote's comprehensive approach that combines over 80 years of scientific research. This individualized care ensures that treatments align with each patient's specific health goals and laboratory results, under the guidance of their certified Biote provider. Patients typically observe improvements after their initial treatment, with ongoing assessments to fine-tune their therapy and maximize benefits.

In addition to hormone optimization, Biote also offers a range of nutraceuticals to support overall health, addressing vitamin deficiencies and promoting vital bodily functions, further enhancing the therapy's effectiveness. Whether addressing menopausal symptoms in women or andropause in men, 406MedicalSpa, through Biote treatments, provides a pathway to revitalized health and improved quality of life​​​​.

Hormone Therapy Treatments: Heighten Your Level of Life

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